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The Criminalization of Politics and Other Fine Talking Points

Posted by willyloman on July 26, 2008

by Scott Creighton

Yesterday, during the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing “Executive Power and it’s Constitutional Limitations“, as an argument for not opening an investigation into criminal acts by this administration, the same talking point came up time and time again; these “demented” people who call for impeachment are trying to “criminalise” political differences: the Criminalization of Politics. 

Now this would normally fall into the silly smoke screen category (especially after what we KNOW happened at the Department of Justice with Carl Rove’s help) …if we hadn’t heard it before. But of course the interesting thing about this is where we have heard it before.

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Bruce Fein on the Need for Impeachment

Posted by willyloman on July 25, 2008

by Scott Creighton

House to hear Impeachment debate today.

I wish I could tell you that this is going to be for real, but I can’t. I wish I could tell you Pelosi and Conyers hadn’t already made up their minds, but I can’t. Today at 9:00am, in the House Judiciary Committee, Kucinich and 12 others will be testifying in some kind of hearing that isn’t even called an “impeachment” hearing. This man, Bruce Fein, a republican, will one of those people allowed to testify.

He is probably the best and most persuasive advocate for impeachment. Let us hope that somehow his words and Kucinich’s and the others who are there to plea the case for the rule of law, will find some loop-hole into Conyer’s walled-off sense of civic duty; enough of a chink in his armor to make him honor his oath of office and the wishes of a vast majority of Americans… We can only hope. It will be covered live on CSPAN. I will put the link up later.

We know it is right. Not because of democrats or republicans, but because it returns the United States to how the founding fathers wanted it to be.” Bruce Fein

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Joe Liberman and the World he Wants to Live In; God help Us

Posted by willyloman on July 23, 2008

by Scott Creighton

It is difficult to express the feelings I had when I read Joe Lieberman’s address at the Christians United for Israel conference this morning. It’s a mixed bag of shock and horror and despair for what our country’s political climate has devolved into. To be honest, it is almost like watching the Towers fall all over again. Because I know, that very soon, this ranting lunatic of a man will be in a position of even greater power.

There was a massive call from the “J-Street” coalition and others for Lieberman to cancel his appearance at the CUFI conference mostly based on Pastor Hagee’s hateful behavior and rhetoric over the past few years.

Hagee’s hate runs so deep, he wrote books about it, and even started his congregation based such despotic and vile hate-speech that he called Catholicism “the Great Whore” and other things, far to many to list in this piece. Just Google it. But Lieberman showed up and spoke non-the-less. And oh, what a speech he gave.

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