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The “War on Terror” is a Fraud!

9/11 Videos

9/11 Contradictions David Ray Griffin

Zelikow: Part One

Zelikow: Part Two 

NEW – Professor Graeme MacQueen talks about the serious need for a new investigation.

Part One:

Part Two:

NEW – Gore Vidal talks about ‘A New Pearl harbor” by David Ray Griffin

1. From 911Blogger : A side by side comparison of WTC 1 Collapse and Controlled Demo. Thank you 911Blogger.

2. This is also from 911Blogger : An Italian film that shows WTC 7 in split screen with a more typical controled demo where the demo is from the “bottom up”.

3. Up close view of roof of WTC 7. Notice the East Penthouse drops first (on left of screen) then followed by the West Penthouse or equipment room. What this shows is that the core structure of the building was removed first… just like classic controlled demolition.

4. From BBC : North Tower Collapse, excellent footage. 3 speeds and zoomed in to show what was happening to each floor prior to the debris hitting it.

5. This is the Picture from the woman in Tower Two (South Tower). I think. there is a man laying next to her on her right side. Look behind her. This is obviously where the plane entered the building. How much fire do you see? If this is Tower Two, it fell after only 50 minutes. where is the fire that “melted the steel”? and if the steel was so hot it became deformed, why can she lean against it?


6. This is an earlier David Ray Griffin lecture that was covered on CSpan.

good earlier work. Physics still the same.

7. Part Two of David ray Griffin’s 2005 speech


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