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Joe Liberman and the World he Wants to Live In; God help Us

Posted by willyloman on July 23, 2008

by Scott Creighton

It is difficult to express the feelings I had when I read Joe Lieberman’s address at the Christians United for Israel conference this morning. It’s a mixed bag of shock and horror and despair for what our country’s political climate has devolved into. To be honest, it is almost like watching the Towers fall all over again. Because I know, that very soon, this ranting lunatic of a man will be in a position of even greater power.

There was a massive call from the “J-Street” coalition and others for Lieberman to cancel his appearance at the CUFI conference mostly based on Pastor Hagee’s hateful behavior and rhetoric over the past few years.

Hagee’s hate runs so deep, he wrote books about it, and even started his congregation based such despotic and vile hate-speech that he called Catholicism “the Great Whore” and other things, far to many to list in this piece. Just Google it. But Lieberman showed up and spoke non-the-less. And oh, what a speech he gave.


Joe Lieberman was quick to address the many protesters that wanted him not to attend the conference. He suggested that he and Hagee did disagree on certain things (without mentioning exactly what those Hagee comments were) but, he goes on to say, that even Moses had made mistakes as a leader. That’s right, Lieberman, once again, compared Hagee to Moses. Believe it or not.

Even Moses fell short of God’s expectations. He made a mistake and hit the rock rather than speaking to it as God commanded. His sister, the prophetess Miriam, sinned too when she spoke badly about Moses. But this didn’t make Moses and Miriam bad people or failed leaders. Their shortcomings were only part of the larger fabric of their remarkable lives of faith and service.”

Isn’t it amazing how Hagee’s comments don’t condemn his leadership ability but rather seemed to raise it to a new ‘Moses hitting the rock” level, yet Rev. Wright’s one impassioned speech made him public enemy #1 in Lieberman’s eyes?

But “fightin Joe” didn’t stop there; oh no. Because why simply anoint a racist bigot to the exalted level of Moses when you can also issue a thinly veiled threat to the people that pointed his hatred out in the first place? (You see, this is how I know that those bastards at AEI helped “Swingin Joe” write this speech; it’s just too damn slick for him to have done it.)

And that’s why I would say Moses and Miriam were fortunate that they did not live in the merciless attack-counterattack political culture of our time which would undoubtedly have stressed their shortcomings and ignored their great deeds. I can only imagine what the bloggers of their day would have had to say about Moses and Miriam..”

It’s easy to condemn someone you don’t know. It’s easy to take to the airwaves, or type up a blog post, and just like that, write off the life and work of another human being you’ve never met, on the basis of a sound bite you just heard or an old video you have just seen. That is the world that we live in.

But that is not the world we should want to live in. A person should be judged on the entire span of his or her life’s works

There is so much manipulation in these three little passages that I can almost not even begin to delve into it.

The most obvious is his hypocrisy considering how he was leading the “merciless attack-counterattack” on Rev. Wright and Obama for those few comments. So much so that Obama had to resign from his church of 20 years (he didn’t HAVE to. he should have stood his ground and told hypocrites like Lieberman to take a flying leap) and even that didn’t seem to appease the great Lieberman at the time.

But he is really doing here, is issuing a clear threat to the “bloggers” about the world to come. If Lieberman is tapped for the Vice Cheney role, that lawless and 4th branch of government role Cheney carved out of the very flesh of our constitution, then just imagine the “world they should want to live in.”. Just imagine.

Just imagine Joe’s world, free of hassling bloggers that pull up those pesky quotes and videos that don’t blend well with his projected image of today. imagine how much better it will be for Mr. Lieberman when he doesn’t have to worry about anyone pointing out his hypocrisy or his pandering to a powerful, yet fanatical ‘endtimes” congregation, hell-bent on actually seeing the world come to a fiery end so the second coming might occur. Just imagine how free Joe will be to do and say whatever it is he wants to; to reinvent himself, over and over again, depending on whatever political expediency he needs at the time.

Oh, yes, that is “the world we should want to live in.” “Slimy Joe”, but, unfortunately for you right now, that isn’t America. it isn’t free speech; it isn’t government of the people by the people or for the people. But you will fix that, won’t you Joe? You got HR1955 just sitting and waiting, don’t you Joe? You’ll be able to give that dimwit McCain lists of names for him to sign off on as “enemy combatants” on a weekly basis, won’t you Joe? Cus that is “the world WE want to live in” isn’t it?

Make no mistake; Joe Lieberman and the boys at AEI who wrote this affront to civil liberty and freedom, knew all to well that “the bloggers” would get this transcript and watch the videos, and this message is for us. It’s a smirking warning issued from the pulpit of a future tyrant.

Lieberman is priming the pump; making the drooling zealots of CUFI glimmer with hate for “the bloggers”. Those people smart enough to hold politicians and leaders accountable in a democracy.

With a wink and a sneer, not unlike Cheney himself, Lieberman is giving us a glimpse at our not so distant future. And we had better take heed, boys and girls. Because this bastard damn-well means everything he is implying here.

Now that is clearly scary enough folks, but, good old “Zealot Joe” didn’t stop there. He is practically begging for a full scale world war with Iran based on the fact that they might be thinking about having nukes sometime in the future. Might be. Though, the IAEA and the NIEdisagree with that claim. And so he is sending out the members of his CUFI conference to go do the Likud Party’s bidding this week in the halls of our democracy; armed with lies and the frightened hearts of thousands of religious fanatics, detemined to see the rapture in their lifetimes.

And so, “Fascist Joe” ends, as he began; with scripture. Proving once again how wise the founding Fathers were to try to separate church and state. To bad we have forgotten to listen to them.

Please allow me to close by going back to Scripture. When the Israelites were fleeing Egypt, there was a pivotal moment when they had the chasing Egyptian cavalry-with their swords and spears drawn-closing in on them from behind, and the daunting, crashing waves of the Sea of Reeds in front of them..”

In Exodus 14:10, the Bible tells us that the Israelites became afraid, and cried out to Moses, “Were there no graves in Egypt? Is that why you have taken us to die in the wilderness?”

Moses reassured the people and prayed to God. But God said to Moses, “Why do you cry out to me? Speak to the Children of Israel and tell them to go forward.” In other words, God told Moses the time for prayer was over. It was time for Israel to act to prove its faith by going right into the water

“it was time for Israel to act…”, now what pray-tell could that mean?

Nachshon understood that there comes a moment when faith and prayer must be followed by action.

This speech is undoubtedly one of the most troubling I have read in our country’s history. In fact, I would have to go back to the Civil War to find one as disturbing as this one. Full of outright lies and misinformation, demonizing of dissident Americans… fueled by religious fervor and fanaticism, I am not even sure that something like this has ever been delivered by any politician in our history… ever.

This man knows he has been tapped to fill the shoes of Dick Cheney no matter what he says or does. And even if he is not, he will be in a position of extreme power within the McCain administration. This is a dark day for this country. Just one more in a series of them since 9/11. How the world has turned away from all that we held dear and took for granted just a short time ago.

If you wish to read his entire speech, you can find it here; till they get “the world they want to live in” anyway.

Good luck to you all. And may God have mercy on us all.


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  1. Murder is the very bed-rock of our social institutions.OctaveMirbeauOctave Mirbeau, The Torture Garden

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