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Cynthia McKinney Reports on Mexican Political Crisis

Posted by The White Rose on April 30, 2008

The wonderful Cynthia McKinney, champion of 9/11 Truth and Green Party presidential candidate, recently returned from Mexico City with information that is not available here in any corporate media. Rock Creek Free Press, the incredible DC 9/11 truth alternative newspaper, has an article titled ‘Protests Shut Mexican Congress, US Media Avoids Story’ in the May 2008 that ties together many loose ends for me.

The issue in the disputed 2006 Mexican presidential election was the privatization of Mexico’s oil and Lopez Obrador was the people’s choice. America-backed candidate Felipe Calderon was declared the winner but the people objected due to vote fraud and there was an occupation of the town center in Oaxaca. This popular revolt has been suppressed but has not stopped festering with the teachers playing an important role.

Now a law that would turn over the oil resources of Mexico to the multinational oil giants is being considered in their Congress, presumably as planned by Calderon’s backers. This is like the maneuvering in Iraq to control the oil there via legislation. Mexican women in particular have rallied to the cause of preserving their patrimony which is being stolen from their country since NAFTA. The halls of the Mexican congress were occupied, the Senate Chamber was occupied, and a banner was hung proclaiming the chamber ‘Closed’! The policy from Washington has made it harder for the Mexicans to find work in their own country and the protesters want to preserve their resources for their own national development.

This info comes via Greg Palast: The same takeover has occurred in Mexico as here in Florida in terms of rigged elections and disenfranchised voters. The same company, Choicepoint, that provided a list of ‘felons’ in Florida who were then denied their right to vote even though they were duly registered – also played a role in Mexico. The US government, through Choicepoint, obtained a list of the voters of the countries that have progressive presidents. Many Mexicans went to the polls to find that their names had been scrubbed from the list and they were not allowed to vote. So, this is the way we export democracy! We send the full bag of dirty tricks!

In the same courageous manner that citizens in Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Haiti, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador have taken a stand for their own countries and against U.S. corporate pressure, now in Mexico they are also pushing for rights for the people! The revolution has begun! Thank you Miss McKinney for daring to expose the serious structural flaws in the capitalistic economic system (which is the main religion here in the U.S. and not to be questioned by the politically correct) and pointing out that it is possible to make choices that benefit the little guy: John Doe or Juan Perez!

And the story that never reaches the headlines? The corporate media doesn’t want you getting any dangerous ideas in your head, like a country preserving its resources for its people or an actively democratic people participating in societal change. Digest this information: you are so important that they don’t want you to know that other people fight for their rights. Legions of propagandists are sculpting your thought to preclude you from challenging The System. You are so feared that they spend millions to influence your thinking. You are a force to be reckoned with, that is why they want you to feel disempowered. Don’t fall for it! Get inspired and stand up for your rights!

Knowledge is power! It’s your turn now. Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rights!

Get a free copy of the Creek and pass it on! http://www.rockcreekfreepress.com/


2 Responses to “Cynthia McKinney Reports on Mexican Political Crisis”

  1. willyloman said

    I remember something about the 2006 elections in Mexico being contested and the new President was insulted by the congress when he first came to address them, they turned their backs on him, or something like that (maybe they locked him out of the congress…).
    I am not surprized that the MSM won’t touch the story, there is a lot of corporate money to be made in Mexico, if the current administration can hand over everything to the privitization gurus.
    But the MSM also doesn’t report on protests here either. This week truckers paraded around the capitol mall blowing their horns in protest of the fuel prices, and I have seen very little about that.

  2. markm2 said

    Democracy Now! has done a lot of good reporting on the Mexican elections and the uprising in Oaxaca. If you go to their website and search “Oaxaca” you’ll find a number of stories.

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