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The New Cold War

Posted by willyloman on April 21, 2008

by Scott Creighton

The United States is currently at a fully developed state of war. Of that, there is no doubt. But with whom?

We are told, by the same administration that lied to us at every turn in the beginning, that it is Al Qaeda then Al Qaeda in Iraq. We are told it is with the Baathists, then the Sunni Insurgency. We are told it is with the Shia Extremists, then the Madhi Army with support from Iran. It was the Taliban before it was Saddam, and it has always been bin Laden, but that his capture and punishment for the heinous crimes of Sept. 11th are no longer a priority for our leaders.

All this time, as the ever changing target of American muscle shape-shifted from one villain to the next, one enemy remained, never changing, and always a constant threat to the current administration.


Wars take on so many various forms. There are open conflicts, world wars, civil wars, private wars… and there are cold wars. Members of this administration cut their teeth in the days of the old Cold War with the Soviet Union. The Evil Empire. That was a stealth war, one fought with propaganda and agents embedded within the ranks of the enemy. It was a war of ideologies pitted one against the other. There were figurative casualties and literal ones. But it was fought viciously with nothing less than the future of the civilized world hanging in the balance.

They used many tactics during the cold war. Some of which would be highly questionable at best, if not downright illegal. But in the minds of the Cold War generals, the ends would ultimately justify the means. And victory for the new form of democracy was won and the evil ideology was put down.

Today the White House faces wars in two separate theatres of operation.

The one, to create Condi Rice’s “New Middle East” and the other… well, the other is a cold war.

If you have come to the realization as I have that certain elements of this administration have manipulated intelligence; subverted the constitution; lied to congress and the American people; pilfered wealth from the public domain; made war illegally for the purpose of material gain; created it’s own private army and even placed them on US soil to marshal it’s citizens; ignored our system of checks and balances to create an imperial presidency; and mocked the very laws upon on which this country was founded… if you believe these things and you understand that there are many people who question the official version of the event which made all of this possible, then you must come to the same realization that I and many others have.

That a rogue faction within our government has declared war… on us.

Everyday new evidence is put forward, and the collaborative media ignores it.

Everyday this rogue administration flaunts their disdain for United States Constitution and all for which it stands, as they lay siege to more and more control of our economy and the very rights our predecessors struggled, fought, and died for.

As in the olden days, this cold war is a war of ideologies. This rogue faction does not, for one minute, believe that the common man has any right of self-determination or self-rule.

They mask themselves in the righteousness of “god and country” while they act upon every whim to diminish everything good that America stands for. They have no mercy and no morals. They are monsters hell-bent on taking everything and leaving only misery in their wake.

Theirs is a war of greed and ambition fought against those who have given them their trust.

Theirs is a cowardly war; sending others sons and daughters to die while stealing the very rights and wealth and hope from the grieving parents.

If our own history has taught us anything it is that we are, as a people, slow to anger. We are a collection of outcasts and immigrants; cast off from society’s through-out the world. We are a young nation divided by class, race, politics, and theology.  But we, as a people and as a nation, were reminded on Sept. 11th that we have at our core, a fire that burns within us like few others and it is that which binds us one to the other; as Americans.

Their propaganda worked all to well, in the old cold war days, and in the new. They have attacked us for our freedom. They hate our way of life and they wish to instill fear within us. They have created a burning hatred in each of us for those who would attack our way of life; to steal our freedoms and to threaten our families.

During WWII the Japanese commander refused to attack our mainland for as he said he feared he would find a gun behind every blade of grass; he feared to awaken the sleeping giant.

Our new enemy treads loudly upon our soil with no regard, no respect, and no fear… of us. Their arrogance has made them careless and they have ignored the lessons of history.

It’s time we woke up and made them pay for that arrogance.


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