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Japanese MP Questions 9/11

Posted by markm2 on April 21, 2008

With credit given to 911blogger.com for turning me on to this story, this is something I should have posted a while ago. It should have been headline news around the country if we truly had a “fair and balanced” media.

The following was written by Alan Miller:

“On January 11th 2008, Fujita Yukihisa made a 30 minute presentation at the House of Councillors (equivalent to the U.S. Senate). He directly questioned the official version of 9/11 in a session with Japanese Prime Minister Fukuda Yasuo and members of his Cabinet.

Fujita is a member of the opposition party, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). He was elected to the House of Councillors in 2007. He is a former Member of the House of Representative and Former Vice Director General of the International Department of the Democratic Party of Japan.

Fujita emphasized that there was never an official police investigation into the deaths of the 24 Japanese citizens who were killed on 9/11.

He stated that many in the US doubt the official version of 9/11 and numerous individuals have collected evidence that contradicts the government’s version, which can be seen on many websites.

During his speech, an aide showed several larges photos of:
– the Pentagon entry and exit hole and a scale overlay of a 757
– the flight path towards the Pentagon
– the WTC Twin Towers exploding
– the WTC 7 collapse
– the early announcment of the collapse of WTC 7 by the BBC and CBS

He demanded further investigation of 9/11.

This issue is being raised now as part of the discussion of whether Japan should increase its military and financial support of the ‘War on Terror'”

This was broadcast on live television in Japan.

Mr. Fujita also appeared recently at the Oz 2008 9/11 Truth conference in Australia. Here is a video of his speech:

These videos and Mr. Fujita’s actions add huge credibility to the 9/11 Truth movement.

If I could vote for you Mr. Fujita, I would!


2 Responses to “Japanese MP Questions 9/11”

  1. Thanks for posting this. Very interesting indeed. I may post it on my blog as well, if you don’t mind, in order to spread the news.

  2. markm2 said

    Thank you for the comment, Craig. Feel free to repost far and wide!

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